Singles of the World unite!

Stop swiping…..Start flirting…..

Get something started.....

Sometimes Cupid needs a helping hand…..

Don't let love pass you by......

AMOur - make it happen!

Ask Me Out Rings.......


Hi, I’m Midge

I’m on a mission to bring back good, old fashioned, 

heart thumping, cheek blushing flirting! 

Have you, like me, struggled to find love on-line? 

Dating on-line is fine, but you don’t get the magic 

of chemistry from a photo on a screen. 

Nothing means anything until you meet face to face. 

There is a LOT of time wasting. 

However, we might be face to face with someone eligible and 

interesting in our day to day lives and not even know it. 

How can you tell who else is single and looking 

for that ‘special someone’ too? 

Here’s how…

The AMO Ring


Prompt a potential romance….

Whereas a wedding ring symbolises that you are in a committed relationship, an AMO ring symbolises that you are not…..but would possibly like to be in one. Wear an AMO Ring when you want, how you want. Stack it. Chain it. Own it!


An AMO Ring takes the guess work out. 

It’s a conversation starter. Ideal if you are bit shy. 

A discreet and stylish way to connect with new people just like you.

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